Inclusion and Diversity

What does Fowler Financial Planning look like? Well… just like you! 

At Fowler Financial Planning, we are lucky to have a team who have come together from all walks of life. Our success is built on establishing long lasting, highly personal relationships with our clients. Every client is unique – and so are we.

Our vision

At Fowler Financial Planning (FFP) our vision is to create a vibrant place to work where difference is recognised as a strength and where talented people can flourish and achieve their highest potential. We know that talent is not dictated by race, ethnicity, gender or gender identity, disability, sexual orientation, age, religion, social class or background. 

We believe that being the best workplace is reliant upon creating a truly diverse and inclusive environment where broad perspectives are embraced, and people can be themselves. 

We understand that diverse teams and inclusive environments provide the foundations for creativity, innovation and business growth. That’s why we aim to attract, retain and develop the best people from all walks of life and from all backgrounds. Our focus is on building a community with equal opportunities where everyone has clarity of purpose and feels valued. 

Policy statement 

We believe in the value of difference and we know that nurturing an inclusive culture helps us to benefit from those differences. Attracting, retaining and developing a diverse workforce is central to our approach. Quite simply, inclusion and diversity are vital ingredients to the future success of our business. 

A diverse community of people from a wide variety of backgrounds, and with a range of experiences, skills and approaches, will help us better understand and meet the needs of clients, making our business stronger and driving creativity, innovation and continued growth. Creating an inclusive workplace and improving diversity is a strategic priority for us. 


Our Inclusion and Diversity strategy is centred around three key goals: 

Attract a wide range of talented people, with broad perspectives, diverse backgrounds and different characteristics. 

Create an inclusive environment and engaged workforce which is led by a leadership team who demonstrate inclusive behaviours instinctively. 

Strengthen our talent pipeline by identifying, developing and nurturing talent, irrespective of race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, disability, sexual orientation, age, religion, social class or background. 

We will achieve these goals by developing our policies and procedures, educating our team and our partners, and embedding our philosophy in our daily language, behaviours and imagery. 

Our commitments 

We are committed to:

1. Working only with recruiters who share our commitment to inclusion & diversity This means proactively working with recruiters who can evidence this through the steps they take to mitigate unconscious bias in the hiring process 

2. Actively seeking to make Fowler Financial Planning a diverse and inclusive community that is representative of society and the clients we seek to serve We will do this by attracting candidates from diverse pools and building relationships with local BAME and LGBTQ groups to extend our reach 

3. Being advocates for a more inclusive and diverse Financial Services industry 

In our role as ambassadors we will champion change across the wider industry and encourage others to do the same

Policy implementation 

This policy can be found on our website and within our Staff Handbook.

Inclusion & Diversity training is encompassed within our training programmes, which are provided by St. James's Place. The training is designed to increase awareness of unconscious bias and the barriers to fostering an inclusive and diverse workplace. It highlights the positive attitudes and behaviours needed to create an environment of equal opportunity where everyone can thrive. 

It is the responsibility of management and all team members to uphold the policy and act within its standards and principles. 

Update and review 

Our Inclusion & Diversity Policy will be reviewed and updated as necessary to reflect legislative changes or to take account of changes to our wider policies and procedures. A review of this policy will take place at least annually.